Type3 fold Umbrella
Size26 inch long
FabricBlack And Ani Color
Ribs8 each And 10
Tube1 each black coated
ColorCustomize Color Available
Logo4 part print to company logo

3 Folding umbrella, a very beautiful umbrella Its praise will not end day and night. In ancient times, was cut, elephant's teeth, cow's lion. Wooden umbrellas were in vogue, this has changed to steel umbrellas. Since then it has been small, much smaller, and wonderful It has many qualities, 2 fold 3 fold, mobile umbrella, capsule umbrella.

Earlier, there was a lot of trouble with it, when it rained, it could be placed on the head and when the rain was over, it could be kept in the hand or under the armpit. A problem can be said. Then came the folding umbrella 2 times 3 times.

Now it is so convenient that these things can be carried in the pocket. In pocket, hand bag, car, Easy To Carry. size is completely digital. Although it looks small, it becomes much bigger after opening It opens with a squeeze system tip, closes again with a tip. Interestingly, the frame of this umbrella has to be imported from China. Pay in advance.

After that, when the umbrella frame is sent, the frame is opened, the Fabric is cut to its size with a good designer, the umbrella is ready, the handle can be given in many types. You, the name logo, can print it to your heart's content.

You can easily use this umbrella in a stylish way It doesn't take ages to use it. Both men and women can use it stylishly It will not break even if it is overturned in strong winds so strong But you have to look at the time of purchase.

Ribs, handles, fabrics. Good things are never cheap. Visit the market and see good products.It's such a benefit that I wouldn't realize if I didn't have it in my pocket. I went out, to go to an urgent work, took a rickshaw, sat in the rickshaw, suddenly it started raining in torrents.

Me and the rickshaw driver, I suddenly remembered that I had a folding umbrella in my pocket. I quickly opened it and the driver took shelter under the umbrella. Just then I understood that it is actually a friend of danger.larn More..