TypeBMW Umbrella
Size30* inch long
Fabricblack and red And Blue
Ribs8 each
Type3 type . BMW Umbrella
ColorCustomize Color Available
Logo4 part print to company logo

BMW umbrella Price In Bangladesh .is very expensive, the better the price, the better the meaning. Looks very nice, it is also a tip system, can be turned on with a tip. This umbrella looks very big. 30* is usually the largest. It is seen to be used by our traffic police. Basically the size of normal umbrellas is 22/24/26 size. Its size is 30 inches, huge size. The body will not wear water in heavy rain. It is size 3. 1/ Auto open close 2/ Long 3/ Only folding. Long is very long, very beautiful. Auto open close. You can turn it on with a tip, and you can turn it off with a tip. It is small in size. Only open it is opened but not closed, it has to be turned off manually. Its frame is directly imported from China, and after importing from China, the fittings are done in Bangladesh. Any color can be provided. And you can get this BMW umbrella by signing up to promote the company. It is very strong 5/10 years no problem. larn more,,,,,,,