Umbrella Price in Bangladesh


The price of an umbrella can vary widely depending on the brand, materials used, and design. In general, basic umbrellas can be purchased for as little as a few dollars or euros, while more high-end or designer umbrellas can cost Price or Taka. Basic umbrellas can typically be purchased for anywhere from 150 to 200, while more high-end designer umbrellas can cost upwards of 300 or more. The prices of umbrellas may vary depending on the location and market. But in that case it won't make much difference. The prices of desi umbrellas are slightly higher than those of China umbrellas. Foldable umbrellas are available for 150 to 300 taka. Two-fold umbrella will cost 150 to 200 taka and three-fold umbrella will cost 350 to 500 taka. Cartoon umbrellas for children will cost 130 to 230 rupees. Non-folding desi umbrellas are available for 150 to 180 taka.


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